Terrence Edmonds



I'm Terrence Edmonds

I was born with a creative mind and a passion to entertain others. When it came time to apply to colleges I was at a loss deciding on a major, when thinking of my true passion, I was brought back to the indelible memories of my childhood. Moments etched on my heart such as exiting a dilapidated movie theatre reanacting my favorite parts, filming my own movies with friends, or running around in my Red Ranger halloween costume flipping over couches while watching Power Rangers on TV. When thinking of my adult life, I could not ignore the magical moments captured through story, imagination, and character that had impacted my youth with such pure happiness. This childlike love of movies and television combined with my outrageous personality pushed me to pursue a career in TV and film. Upon leaving high school I found myself booking roles on such shows as Nickelodeon’s Zoey 101 and Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place, which cemented the notion that I was on the right path. Being a strong believer of manifesting your own destiny, as you are the creator of your own reality, I continue to make my dreams come true. Some of my favorite roles include TNT’s Major Crimes as a latino gangster named Juan Carlos Diaz and my recurring role from CW’s remake of 90210 as Gavin, a flamboyant highschooler who lived in his roller-skates! I look forward to working in the next primetime Emmy Award winning series and working with such writers/directors like Kevin Williamson, Joss Whedon, Diablo Cody, James Wan, and Marc Cherry.

Terrence Edmonds